Oh Man, There’s Gonna Be A QAnon Lady In Congress, Probably

Congressional candidate Marjorie Greene holds assault rifle in political ad.


Marjorie Taylor Greene got 41 percent of the vote in Tuesday's primary for Georgia's Sixth Congressional District. While this doesn't make her the official GOP candidate, since she didn't get a clear majority, it does make her the frontrunner in the August run-off where she will be facing physician John Cowan, whom she beat by 20 points.

If she wins the primary and then the general election, she will have the distinction of becoming the very first QAnon idiot in Congress -- or at least the first member to fully embrace it, publicly. She has not, as of yet, weighed in on the mole children or their whereabouts.

Just as a refresher, the QAnon conspiracy theory holds that there is someone with some kind of special access to Donald Trump and all of the secrets of the Deep State (who may or may not be Zombie JFK Jr.) who posts missives ("breadcrumbs") on 4chan for "patriots" and "researchers" to decode. Most of this has to do with an imaginary war Trump is fighting against satanic child sex slave traffickers who harvest children's adrenal glands to get adrenochrome (a substance you cannot actually get high off of, but which you can make yourself by letting an Epipen expire), a drug that supposedly gets celebs and politicians super high and also maybe makes them immortal. Which is weird because of how they die on a regular basis, just like people who don't consume the adrenal glands of child sex slaves. Supposedly, Trump and his people are going to arrest all of the celebs and Democratic politicians (and the Republican politicians who don't like Donald Trump because of how he is coming for their adrenochrome and no other reason) and try them through military tribunals and then kill them all.

This is a thing and people believe it with their whole heart and soul. And yes, one of those people is Marjorie Taylor Greene. Here she is talking about it for half an hour, explaining that Q is a patriot who has been right about many things, and also that Hillary Clinton is very into Satan and sacrificing things to Satan. Probably because of how goth she is. Bet she was super mad when Tipper Gore led that crusade against Marilyn Manson!

Marjorie Taylor Green - Qanon - The Vid She Wants To Forget.. Nov 26 2017youtu.be

She explains:

Guys, I tell you I'm really about actions more than words, but I really think these are great signs. And there's so many people starting to come out and say these things that I think for once I can actually get my hopes up because I've been kind of negative and pessimistic, and I've been on that bandwagon of 'I don't think we're gonna see anything happen, you know, the Clintons have done all these crimes for years and years and they never face justice and they never go down.'

But I think it's a good possibility. Because we see all these sealed federal indictments and we're seeing all these other things happen. And there's sources, like he's anonymous, Q is anonymous, but he seems to be completely for the good. He seems to be completely on Trump's side. [...] I'm very excited about that. Now there's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cable (I think she means cabal) of Satan-worshipping pedophiles out, and I think we have the president to do it.

Oh yeah. So many Satan-worshiping pedophiles. That sure is a real thing.

Perhaps you are now asking yourself if this is the only way this woman is a little off. It is not! She is a little off in a cornucopia of ways.

For instance, one of her ads was actually taken off of Facebook because it involved standing in front of her door with an assault rifle telling "antifa" to stay out of Georgia.

Marjorie Greene to ANTIFA: Stay the HELL out of Northwest Georgiawww.youtube.com

She is also, notably, extremely hateful towards Muslims and transgender people, as per a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center:

Before 2017, Greene had little presence on social media; her Twitter account and at least two of her Facebook pages were established that year or later. But since then, she's transformed herself into an avid MAGA activist who frequently attends rallies or participates in protests that aim to vilify the federal government, American Muslims and transgender people.

Among these was the 2018 pro-Trump rally known as the Mother of All Rallies in Washington, designed to unite moderate fans of President Donald Trump with more fringe groups on the far right. The original event in 2017 provided a platform for the self-described "Western chauvinist" Proud Boys and antigovernment groups such as the Light Foot Militia and Oath Keepers. Greene attended the "We Will Fund That Wall" in Washington in February, with the goal of urging the Trump administration to build a wall on the southern border. Greene, who mistakenly equates the trans community with drag queens, also protested a local "Drag Queen Story Time" event at a library to push back against what she has called the "brainwashing" of children.

Yesterday, Greene tweeted that the rest of the world was laughing at us over the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone in Seattle, where protesters have created a cop-free community and shown some movies and handed out a lot of free LaCroix and vegan pizza. It has been described by news media as "exceedingly chill."

Clearly, this lady has a really good grip on the rest of the world and what they are laughing at. I wonder which part of the world she thinks is laughing at this but not at Donald Trump. Or at her. Or at people who vote for Donald Trump and believe that a "Q clearance patriot" who may or may not be JFK Jr., a dead person, is sending them secret messages on 4chan about how Hillary Clinton is a baby-eating Satanist.

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