Oh No, Barack Obama Is Going To Do The Puppy Holocaust Now, For Allah!

You know that thing during the Super Bowl, where there is the Puppy Bowl for all the girls and homosexuals who are only there for the spiked punch? And know how, as per Mike Huckabee, Obama is doing the REAL HOLOCAUST to Israel, by making a deal to keep Iran nuke-free? Well, apparently Obama's got time for a puppy Holocaust for Allah, during the commercial breaks of the real Holocaust, according to wingnut radio host Michael Savage, who we actually didn't know still existed:

Even when the communists run the country, I guess people are going to still love their dogs, unless they ban dogs. You never know with the Islamism creeping into the country, there is only one religion that hates dogs. Oh you didn't know that? That’s an embarrassing fact, that’s an inconvenient truth. There’s only one group of people who hate dogs, did you know that? And he’s bringing in 100,000 of them a month.

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Wait, fucking crazy man with a lower profile than poor Ann Coulter say what? Obama is bringing 100,000 dogs in per month? Or 100,000 Mooslims? If he's bringing dogs, where are they, because we want a puppy! If it's Muslims he's bringing, duh, he's bringing them from the ISIS camps in Mexico, which totally exist, inside the damaged "brain" of the American wingnut.

Also, too, as Right Wing Watch points out, Muslims don't "hate dogs," many Muslims love them very much! Others aren't the biggest fans. Teach the controversy! Or if you're a fucking pant-shitting moron like Michael Savage, just go ahead and believe Obama's gonna take your dog away to sacrifice it for his secret devil Muslim religion.

Anyway, Savage also said that Obama is in "his homeland" of Kenya right now telling them to all be nice to gays, which is just like Hitler, and we could spend a whole paragraph saying "hey that's fucking insane" and explaining why, but this is Michael Savage, and it'll probably be another two years before we accidentally run across his name and decide to write about him, ASSUMING HE EVEN SURVIVES THE UPCOMING OBAMA DOG-BANNING PUPPY-CAUST, so fuck it.

[Right Wing Watch]


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