Oh No, BuzzFeed Is Being A Gay Homo-Fascist Again

Oh my stars, a gay homofascist liberal agenda-doer has made the Washington Examiner upset, and you will never guess why, because you don't care enough to guess why. A BuzzFeed reporter named Dominic Holden (full disclosure, we know that guy!) did an interview and profile of White House Deputy Press Secretary Judd Deere, a gay homosexual Republican quisling, wherein Deere came off as a combination of a useful idiot and a smug garbage human (he's a gay Republican, after all), and now none of the gays in DC will invite Judd Deere to the glitter ball! (By the way, yes, Judd Deere is a real name, and is not a character from a never-to-be-published series of Arkansas sex-fucky romance novels by Sarah Huckabee Sanders. "Hogan Gidley," on the other hand, continues to be the main character of those novels. Allegedly.)

The Washington Examiner writer, Brad Polumbo, who is also a conserva-gay, begins his bellyaching:

It started with a Buzzfeed profile, provocatively entitled "This Trump Spokesperson Is Gay — And He Doesn't Care If That Makes The Left Mad." The piece's bias and assumptions about the Trump administration were obvious from the get-go: The subheading describes Deere as the man who "speak[s] for the president who pushes anti-LGBTQ policies." This ignores the reality that Trump is the most pro-gay president in American history.

It's funny, in Holden's BuzzFeed piece, he describes gay Republican quisling dipshit useful idiots like this:

Gay Republicans these days seem to embrace a sort of cognitive dissonance. They tend to tweeze out Trump's LGBTQ-friendly gestures and display them like Baby Simba while sweeping the rest under the rug.

Our point is that Holden refuted Polumbo's opening whine in his original article, and Wonkette has nothing more to say besides how we can't imagine how stupid and/or self-loathing one would have to be to think the Trump administration -- which banned trans folks from serving in the military, opposes the Equality Act, and has fought to enshrine the holy right of Christian cake bakers to refuse to frost homosexual cakes for Jesus into law -- is the "most pro-gay president in American history." (And so much more! Here is a list of all the times the Trump administration has been severely and viciously anti-LGBT.)

But then again, gay Republicans have a very different standard when it comes to being accepted. They tend to act as if everything's cool as long as their Republican "friends" aren't gay bashing them right now.

Anyway, onward with the bitching and bellyaching from Polumbo in the Examiner about how Judd Deere can't get his dick sucked in DuPont Circle anymore:

[T]he Buzzfeed article paints Deere and gay Republicans more broadly as traitors

Wonkette would remind everyone that gay Republicans are also stupid, mostly white, often selfish, and broadly self-loathing.

who leaped at the opportunity to grovel and shill for conservatives

Uh huh.

selling out as useful homosexuals and embracing an anti-LGBT agenda.

I mean, if the sleeveless brownshirt fits ...

The so-called journalist, Dominic Holden, writes:

tHe sO-cAlLeD jOuRnAlIsT dOmInIc hOlDeN writes.

Anyway, back to Polumbo:

This is the "tolerant" liberal media's narrative: Deere is a Republican, so he's a lapdog — on a "retractable leash" — who has sold himself out.


Erased from this supposedly progressive narrative is the fact that gay people are individuals, fully capable of thinking for themselves and breaking with the liberal hive mind.

Remember that Wonkette went to great lengths above to note that they're also stupid. And self-loathing.

The Buzzfeed piece ridicules Deere's statement that "the president opposes discrimination and hates violence, all of that, in any form," mocking Deere's stated support for controversial Trump policies such as the transgender military ban (as if there were a clear equivalence between being gay and being transgender) or opposition to the sweeping, expansive Equality Act that goes far beyond gay rights. It accuses gay Republicans of "cognitive dissonance" and "sweeping [bigotry] under the rug."

It would be interesting if the Washington Examiner writer tried to actually debunk any of Holden's assertions, instead of just copy/pasting them while scoffing.

And the insanity didn't stop there. The left-wing website Queerty joined in on the pile-on

Uh oh more gays. And now Wonkette makes three, we guess.

They egregiously misquote Deere in the very headline: "Trump's gay press secretary on promoting anti-LGBTQ policies: 'It just doesn't matter to me'." Anyone who reads the actual interview knows this isn't what he said ...

That's actually fair. What Deere was saying is that he doesn't care if people criticize him -- that he's not going to do into a "dark depression" because he's called out on working for a wannabe authoritarian white supremacist who chose as his vice president the single most bizarrely homophobic bigot he could find. Deere also doesn't care about Trump's anti-LGBT policies, but that comes through in different parts of the BuzzFeed profile, apart from the "It just doesn't matter to me" quote.

The left-wing internet pile-on that ensued in the aftermath of the Buzzfeed profile's publication was even worse. Take this tweet by a gay Democrat staffer, for example, which calls for people to literally harass gay Republicans and received thousands of likes and shares.

Uh oh more gays again.

Let's see that tweet:

That's fair. Shun him. Don't let him have a cheese plate either.

Of course, the left-wing media's coverage and the irate Twitter mob's hysteria are not representative of all Democrats or even all left-leaning gay people. But they do serve to show that intolerance is corrupting many on the activist Left, even though bigotry is what they're supposed to think they're fighting.

Yes, we are very corrupted, as we fight against Donald Trump putting babies in concentration camps, destroying our alliances and giving aid and comfort to America's most vicious hate and bigotry, while we ALSO become the oppressor by suggesting Judd Deere should get side-eyed like a common Aaron Schock if he tries to act like he gets to suck and fuck on the weekends while literally working to hurt his own community in the most dangerous US presidential administration in history.

Because those are the same.

Fuck Judd Deere. He made his bed. Now he gets to lie in it like a Loser McNoFriends, because now everybody knows who he really is.

Cry us a fuckin' river.

[Washington Examiner / BuzzFeed]

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