'Oh No, I'm Being Attacked By a Space Monster'

Guess what, everybody? Arizona Governor Fife Symington actually saw the gargantuan mystery aircraft that literally filled the skies over Phoenix a decade ago -- but instead of admitting this at the time, he held a comedy press conference where one of his aides dressed as a space monster and was hauled off by the police. Symington says he lied to keep people from panicking. Hooray for protecting our innocence or whatever!

Also, we applaud the use of Radiohead's "Subterranean Homesick Alien" for the intro music, because this means the X Files theme music has mercifully been retired from the Quirky News Segments. Oh, and Symington's hardly the first to go public with the crazy things he sees: both Reagan and Carter told their own UFO stories to whoever would listen.

But why is Symington doing this now? Sure, he's a Republican, so he's been repeatedly indicted for various felonies and even convicted of bank fraud, but that happened 10 years ago, too. Please make up some reasons for his Sudden Disclosure in the comments, because this whole thing is kind of giving us the creeps.

Symington confirms he saw UFO 10 years ago [Daily Courier]


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