Oh No! Sarah Palin Removed Her Jew Blood Video! (UPDATE: It's Back Up)


Just moments after the Anti-Defamation League released a statement about her "blood libel" comment, it looks like Sarah Palin has removed from these fine internets her inaugural address on being the person who loves and cares the most about the people who were shot in Arizona. What went wrong? Isn't this the kind of attention she loves? Must be a Jewish conspiracy. UPDATE: It's been put back up now. May the Jews for Jesus reign victorious.

It's probably because Vimeo is fancy and elitist and doesn't like hate speech on its website. We didn't understand why Palin used that site in the first place. She should have stuck with Dailymotion or something like that. It's more natural for her.

Sarah Palin has scrubbed away this moment of Jewish history. Which is worse than saying that thing she said in the first place.

Think of all the poor "regular Americans" who didn't get on the modem to crank up Facebook in time to learn about the Jews and what they do to make their salty soup:


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