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Oh golly gee, Sean Hannity had a grown-up reaction to Monday's news about how the indictments and confessions are starting among his beloved Trumpers. KIDDING, OF COURSE. Hannity stuffed himself full of all the Trump-shaped buttplugs he owns (seven of them, ALLEGEDLY) and declared his monologue Monday evening "one of the most important I will ever deliver," and if you watch this whole thing and you actually agree with Sean Hannity, you are hereafter required to wear a helmet at all times, for your own dumb protection.

Let's take a lookie! Hell, if you want to watch the whole show (and why wouldn't you?) you can park your tuchus in this post right here, because here's a video!

Now we will liveblog the monologue, as if it were happening RIGHT NOW AS WE SPEAK:

0:00-1:00: We have a MAJOR CRISIS in America, because there is one justice system for the Clintons and a whole different for everybody else. This is just obviously true.

1:00: Hannity has INCONTROVERTIBLE EVIDENCE that Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton and Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein and Eric Holder all LITERALLY EMAILED ALL OUR URANIUM TO RUSSIA. And Obama knowed it! Instead of watching that, why not watch MSNBC's Joy Reid completely destroying this made-up story on her show this weekend instead? All she had to do was ask a Washington Examiner idiot some fact-based questions, rapid-fire style:

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