Oh Nooo... Mr. Bill!

ohno.jpgAll personal feelings aside, Gov. Bill Richardson is really being a kiss ass. That SNL skit last month? They nailed it. He's running for Clinton's veep as an in-house diplomat (which is limited thinking, but smart). And his "can't we all get along" message during the debate seemed oddly off base and out of touch with the moment (Admiral Stockdale anyone?). Now, he's the first to raise his hand for extra credit as the Clinton hostage crisis wraps up.

His statement:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with the hostages, their families, Senator Clinton, and her campaign staff. This incident is an unfortunate reminder of the reality that we always must remain aware of our surroundings and safety. My wife Barbara and I sincerely hope that today's incident will be resolved quickly and that no one will be harmed."

Come one, Bill. We know you're good with bad guys -- like Jimmy Carter but, you know, with results -- but this groveling isn't very stately. Chin up, big boy! You're the man!

Richardson Statement on Hostage Situation at Hillary Clinton's Rochester, NH Office [Bill Richardson for President]


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