Oh Nothing, Just Tomi Lahren Calling Nice Flight Attendants 'Nazis Of The Air'

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Oh Nothing, Just Tomi Lahren Calling Nice Flight Attendants 'Nazis Of The Air'

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Tomi Lahren the mean racist white asshole lady said something trivializing the Holocaust and trivializing the pandemic? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

We are not sure what to do with this information, therefore we must make this post short, because whaaaaaaaat?

Lahren was discussing how she has to fly on airplanes all the time, and she has to go through the Miami airport tomorrow, and she allowed that SOME flight attendants are nice, but said some of them "take their job as the mask police to extremes" and are "almost Nazis of the air."

Hey, you know what actual Nazis Of The Air did? Hint: It did not involve trying to make sure people follow regulations to wear masks to keep themselves from spreading deadly pandemics.

But sure, cool, we understand. Because white Americans like Tomi Lahren and the rest of the white conservatives on Fox and in the other wingnut spaces have never really dealt with anything that truly inconvenienced them in their sad little shithole lives, anything that mildly imposes on their sense of being the God-chosen Boss Of Everything is Hitler.

Or maybe, like GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw whined, it is like the door-to-door Gestapo forcing everybody to get sticked with needles.

Or maybe, like Tucker Carlson whined, it is like the "Handmaid's Tale," and Joe Biden is forcing him to be pragnent with vaccines.

The front page of Media Matters right now has an excellent roundup of Fox News and other wingnuts ramping up their anti-science, anti-vaccine, anti-human bullshit. It's got Tucker saying Joe Biden's "health authority" is going to "show up at your house with a needle," which he says is a bigger scandal than the entire Iraq war. It's got One America News saying they're gonna send "political operatives" to your house if you won't get your damn shots. It's got Ainsley Earhardt saying kids are getting "heart problems, inflammation" from the vaccine.

It's got ... just so much bullshit.

But like we said, we have to make this post short because we have heart problems and inflammation from our surprise that Tomi Lahren was a piece of shit asshole. That doesn't sound like her.


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