I have waited for weeks to run this pictureHuffPo Blogger Bonnie Fuller, also known as the executive vice president and chief editorial director of American Media, Inc., has scientifically and definitively determined that Oprah will make Obama unelectable. She did this, of course, by conducting an online poll of the readers of Starmagazine.com, that bastion of thoughtful political reporting.

So, 1,100 of Starmagazine.com's readers (that's something like .0007% of registered voters in the 2004 elections) took a poll, the result of which is that 69 percent of those people are less likely to vote for Obama knowing that Oprah endorses him. Of course, Streisand's endorsement of Clinton made 80 percent of those same people less likely to vote for her, too.

Um, sure, ok. That seems likely. Whereas the whole reason that candidates line up endorsements is exactly because everyone knows voters are lemmings, Bonnie and her online poll software have compiled a totally statistically valid sampling of people (who, by the way, would also really love to have Oprah over for dinner!) to definitively prove that people are sick of endorsements, or Oprah, or maybe just stupid polls about candidates, or possibly that the people that read Starmagazine.com are starfuckers but don't want to vote like them. Either way, well done Bonnie.

Oprah Elects Barack as President -- Not So Fast! [HuffPo]


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