Oh Shut Up About Al Franken, President Pussburglar

Donald Trump has finally commented on the conversation America is having about men using their power to sexually harass, abuse and assault:

"Frankenstien"? Is that a joke? What does it mean? Why is it spelled wrong? (The answer to the last question is Trump is stupid and can't spell basic words.)

As for the second tweet, Trump is right. Franken has spoken out for women in his career, even though he apparently hasn't always walked his talk. Trump, on the other hand, has been consistent in his treatment of women, in public and in private.

Here is Trump's statement on Roy Moore:

Ah, we see.

We know, Donald, you don't want to talk about Roy Moore. WE KNOW. And there are probably a couple reasons for that. For one, you endorsed Luther Strange, and Alabama GOP voters told you to fuck off. You're scared if you say something about Moore, he will likewise tell you to fuck off and he'll stay in the race. If he loses, it's a loss for you. If he wins, it's a loss for you. Your already fragile ego can't handle any outcome here. And then there's the part about "LOL Donald Trump says not to be a sexual predator, OK DONALD TRUMP, YOU FIRST."

What Al Franken did was bad. We're not equivocating on that. We're in a major moment here, where men are being held to account for past and present behavior, and society is finally (FINALLY) believing women. But Donald Fucking Trump wants to ask where Al Franken's hands were in the pictures that came after that? We don't know, President Grab 'Em By The Pussy! Where would YOUR hands have been? Or should we ask, where did they go?

Reminder! Here is a list of Trump's MANY accusers:

Trump's official position on ALL THESE WOMEN continues to be Bitches Be Lyin'. Oh and remember all the times Trump was obviously innocent because that woman was too ugly to assault? Yeeeeeeeah that's the shit.

Franken has admitted what he did and apologized, for what it's worth. Democrats as a whole are condemning his actions and calling for an ethics investigation. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand gave an interview to the New York Times where she said Bill Clinton should have resigned after the Lewinsky scandal, and says maybe we should reconsider how we look at Donald Fucking Trump, considering how we have an accused serial sex predator sitting the Oval Office.

Meanwhile, Roy Moore, who is credibly accused of trying to rape one little girl, molesting another, and generally preying upon a bunch of others, is holding press conferences with all his religious right pastors, so they can say this is only happening because Satan's homosexual demons have declared war on Good Christian Moore.

We know journalists have been asking over and over again what Trump has to say about the Roy Moore situation, and now the Franken situation. And maybe somebody really wants to hear from him right now! Don't know who or why, but maybe that person exists!

But for Trump, who sees women and just can't stop kissing them, and they let him do anything because he's a celebrity, to be able to throw illiterate Twitter bombs at Franken but not comment on the ACCUSED KID-TOUCHER from his own party?

Maybe Donald Trump should just shut the fuck up and recuse himself from the situation, because AMERICA IS HAVING A CONVERSATION AND THE GROWN-UPS ARE TALKING.

Wonkette out.

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Evan Hurst

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