Oh Yeah, It Was Definitely Left-Wing Activists Tearing Down A Statue Of ... Frederick Douglass

History Facts

On Sunday afternoon, excited conservatives across the country went absolutely bonkers tweeting and penning various outraged articles about how liberal activists — they are so very sure — tore down a statue of Frederick Douglass in Rochester, New York's Maplewood Park on the anniversary of his famous "What, to a Slave, is the Fourth of July?" speech.

Why? Because they are pretty sure we all just indiscriminately hate statues of all kinds and don't understand history at all.

Oh yeah, Buck Sexton. It is definitely possible to live in Rochester, New York, where Frederick Douglass lived (on Alexander Street, where a certain Wonkette writer also used to live), and not know who Frederick Douglass is. It's hardly ever mentioned! It's not as if they sell magnets with his face on them at Wegman's (they actually do sell magnets with his face on them at Wegman's).

Probably there are also lots of people who would travel all the way to Rochester just to pull down a Frederick Douglass statue, despite not knowing who he is, on the anniversary of his most famous speech and grab a Garbage Plate (just Google it), just because they really hate statues.

Oh boy, Junior has really got our number. We are not mad about racism. No one is mad at racism! People love racism, which also definitely does not exist in the United States of America. We just hate statues and love Marxism, and if there is anything Marxists hate, it is statues.

Marx and Engels, definitely not being statues

The Maplewood Park statue is one of several statues of Douglass throughout the city, including one in the Highland Bowl (another park), which was the first statue of a black man to be erected in the United States.

There are some very unusual things about this particular monument destruction. For one, the statue was pulled off its base in secret, unlike literally ever other time left-wing activists have taken down a statue. No video, no announcement, no social media bragging, nothing. How strange! Another very strange thing is that the very article cited by these brain geniuses notes that the statue was previously damaged by some racist students:

T]wo St. John Fisher students were arrested for severe damage to one of the downtown statues. They maintained they were drunk when they vandalized the statue, while one witness claimed he heard racial slurs before the crime.

They later pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and participated in a restorative justice program in which they learned of the legacy of Douglass.

Also, those who created the monument told WROC they are pretty darn sure this was an act of retaliation for all of the confederate monuments being torn down.

"What comes of this? Is this some type of retaliation because of the national fever over confederate monuments right now? Very disappointing, it's beyond disappointing," said Carvin Eison, Project director, re-energize the legacy of Frederick Douglass, Frederick Douglass Bicentennial Commemoration.

Wow, it's almost as if that would be a far more logical scenario than Black Lives Matter activists sneaking into Maplewood Park in the dead of night to topple a statue of Frederick Douglass.

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