Oh Yeah, Well the Union People Are the REAL Thugs (Or Something)


Former/greatest Wonkette editor ever, Alex Pareene of Salon, has something about this idiot "find a union member anywhere who will be annoyed with a video camera stuck in his face by a wingnut" story that is, of course, the real outrage in the Walker/Koch Bros./Wisconsin battle:

Because these people are completely fucking shameless, the woman from the video has compared herself to Lara Logan. I am not making that up. I wish I was making that up. But I would actually not make that up, because it would seem beyond the pale to accuse conservative activists of being so horrible, so desperate to play the victim, so morally depraved, so deep into their persecution fantasies that they've lost all perspective on the rest of the world.

This is the height of the conservative movement's pathological projection: Whatever they are accused of being or doing, the LEFT is the TRULY GUILTY PARTY. (This is the "liberals are the REAL racists" line, which is more of a comforting mantra than a compelling argument.)

And yet the Political Establishment is still full of Ben Nelsons/Barack Obamas who stupidly think if they only love Republicans harder, it will be reciprocated. [Salon]


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