Oh Yes, Uhh, Barack Obama And Joe Biden Ate Hamburgers

Oh Yes, Uhh, Barack Obama And Joe Biden Ate Hamburgers

The biggest political news of the day is that Barack Obama and Joe Biden made local traffic more miserable than usual because they were stoned (for Cinco de Mayo) and wanted rich-people hamburgers at a gourmet junk food restaurant in Northern Virginia. "Oh my God I love that we have a cool president who just goes out to get a hamburger," etc. Communist Country operative "Lillian" sends in this photo of the Presidential Limo and saves us all from having to read the necessaryPolitico analysis: "Our esteemed president was slummin' it at Ray's Hell Burgers in Arlington during lunch time this afternoon. This could be a strategic move to offset his recent arugula eating habits at the fancy Citronelle." But will this be enough to attract the white rural voters who hate him in whatever election? Oh screw it all, the damn Politico video of Barack Obama eating a hamburger is after the jump.

Obama, Biden Go Out for Burgers [Washington Post]


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