Ohio Attorney General Luring Female Staff With Hawaiian Pizza?

Watch out ladies! Those teeth bite more than just Hawaiian pizzaOhio is blowing up with the biggest scandal of all time, in politics. Its Attorney General, Marc Dann, may be involved in an investigation into whether one of his top managers, Anthony Gutierrez, sexually harassed two ladies. Dann may have lured these two ladies over to his and Gutierrez's condo with promises of Hawaiian pizza, and penises.

The situation mostly involves the penis of Gutierrez, Dann's director of general services, and how it may have been involved in terrible sex:

The two female employees, Vanessa Stout of Dublin and Cindy Stankowski of New Albany, both 26, who work in the attorney general's telecommunications office, filed sexual harassment complaints last week against Gutierrez, their boss.

Gutierrez, a longtime friend of Dann's, was placed on paid leave Monday. He earns $87,500 a year and serves at Dann's pleasure.

Stout and Stankowski claim Gutierrez frequently pressured them to have sex, often telling them "you owe me" in reference to his getting them $14-an-hour state jobs.

$14-an-hour is a lot of money for Ohio, because The Nafta took everyone's good jobs and held secret conversations with the Canadians.

But since Gutierrez is Dann's best friend and soul mate, obviously he was in on it too. Add a dash of Hawaiian pizza and some sex pajamas, and next thing you know you'll find yr pants unbuttoned -- like a clown!:

On one occasion last September at the Dublin condo shared by Dann, Gutierrez and Jennings, Stankoski said in her complaint that she awoke after an evening of drinking to find three buttons of her pants undone and Gutierrez beside her wearing only underwear. Dann helped persuade her to come to the condo that night, promising her over Gutierrez's cell phone that he would get the Hawaiian pizza she requested.

When she still expressed reluctance, Gutierrez assured her there would be no problem since she would be hanging out with the "big dogs," the complaint said.

Stankoski said that when she arrived, Dann's scheduler, Jessica Utovich, 28, was in the apartment with Dann wearing pajamas. Both Dann and Utovich have declined to comment.

And then Eliot Spitzer came in wearing chaps, stole a lamp and some jelly, put $4,300 in cash on the condo floor, and proceeded to fuck something.

Dann to be interviewed as part of investigation [Vindy News]
Dann steps aside in probe [Columbus Dispatch]


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