Ohio Has A Pretty High Opinion Of Itself

  • John McCain campaigned lustily in Ohio yesterday, a state which is "pretty irritated" that "some other states are trying to supplant our role as the decider," said one Ohio pollster. Can somebody just make Ohio go away, please? [New York Times]
  • The Daily Show garnered record ratings with its guest star Wednesday night, a Hawaiian unicorn who can heal the lame and the halt just by looking at them in a very dignified manner. [Guardian]
  • Many pollsters and analysts remain skeptical that John McCain can make a comeback this late in the race, with so many battleground states in play. [Bloomberg]
  • Barack Obama is making a last-minute push to turn out Democrats in six states George Bush won in 2004. [New York Times]
  • Northeastern India was hit by a series of coordinated terrorist attacks on Thursday, and at least 71 people were killed. [Voice of America]
  • A recent outbreak of violence in the Congo ebbed at least temporarily with a cease-fire, but soldiers still spent the evening raping and pillaging in the northeastern city of Goma. [Los Angeles Times]

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