Ohio Tea Party Group: Public Transit Still Worse Than 9/11

Ohio Tea Party Group: Public Transit Still Worse Than 9/11

This Ohio Tea Party group "COAST" (note: Ohio geography fail) would on a normal old wingnut day probably tweet something less terrorism-y and more creative like, "Hitler had sex with dogs on public streetcars, THEY SHUD B DEFUNDED" but, eh, theyhad to tweetsomething to celebrate this weekend's 9/11 holiday tradition of 9/11 political point-scoring. It's practically in the Constitution, is the thing. So "public transportation projects are possibly more horrifying than 9/11" will fit the bill, sure! Then it gets a little confusing, because this teabagger group is not actually advocating socialist streetcar money go back to the socialist firefighters, because GOD FORBID. They are merely pointing out that everyone in Cincinnati will die engulfed in flames while other people get to ride around on commie streetcars. We can almost hear those 9/11 tears in Ohio!

The local NBC affiliate WLTW reports:

Cincinnati has been unstaffing, or browning out, some engines or units on a regular basis since 2009 due to budget cuts. At the same time, the city has been working to create a streetcar program that may cost as much as $128 million.

COAST opposes the streetcar project and says the money should be spent on the deficit or to reduce taxes. The city says the streetcar money comes out of funds that can't be moved to the budget.

This is the most terrifying 9/11 story we have ever read. [WLWT/Twitter]


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