Starlight Glimmer and Trixie laugh at you, Ohio parents.

The Angry Parents of America are reaching new depths of stupid in their fight to cleanse schools and libraries of anything that might be LGBTQ propaganda, and that now appears to include children's books that promote self-acceptance without directly saying anything about teh ghey. Case in point: Children's book author and illustrator Jason Tharp was informed last week by a school principal in Delaware, Ohio, that he would not be allowed to read his book It's OK to Be a Unicorn at a scheduled school event last Thursday.

The book was the subject of complaints from local parents who believed it was gay propaganda, although there's no mention of sexuality or relationships in the picture book, which is aimed at early elementary kids, who may be polluted by its message of acceptance and support for diversity. That's pretty rich coming from a town that's clearly confused about its own identity, trying to be both Delaware and Ohio at the same time.

In addition to being told not to rea his unicorn book at the school event, Tharp says he also received an email telling him he also couldn't read another book he'd written with a message about self acceptance, It's OK to Smell Good, about a skunk who weirdly prefers nice flowers to normal nasty smells like limburger cheese and canned farts. But ... that challenges social norms!

It's like this Tharp guy is some kind of crazy "do your own thing" radical! Mr. Tharp is himself from central Ohio, but he should know damn well that this is America, where we color inside the lines and agree with everyone else like we're supposed to.

At least until someone tries to make us not spread a deadly virus, but that's different.

The Buckeye Valley School Board held an emergency meeting Friday at which pretty much all the speakers actually supported Tharp and the unicorn book. Kay Brazelton, who works at one of the district's elementary schools, said she and coworkers were told to take down kids' artwork related to the book.

“I was simply confused and people were taking stuff down and…they said we had to take anything down with unicorns and rainbows,” Brazelton said.

Interim Superintendent Jeremy Froehlich — who doesn't seem cheerful to us at all — told WBNS-TV that a parent had expressed concerns about the book, and that the parent "just wanted to make sure that we vetted the book and our staff thought that they had vetted it,” and no, Froelich didn't explain why a single complaint led to Tharp's being told not to read his books to children or kids' pictures being Fahrenheit 451ed. He also doesn't appear to have said how the book would be vetted or when it might be safe for Tharp to read his filth to innocent children, if ever.

Tharp said he attended the school event anyway, and that he made no mention of either book, adding that he was disappointed kids missed out on his usual presentation, which hasn't previously led to any controversy. Probably because parents never before noticed that clearly gay unicorn on the cover before.

TV station WSYX said it had received several tips from people who believed Unicorn was promoting gayness, because the cover has rainbow lettering and unicorns are gay, they just are. After all, there were no homosexuals in America prior to Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers, this is a known fact.

The story is about a unicorn haberdasher, Cornelius J. Sparklesteed, who hides his horn under various hats he makes, because all the horses in his town have weird prejudices against unicorns. Cornelius has lots of friends, and at the town's annual festival, he wows everyone with his dance moves, then removes his hat, revealing that he actually is a unicorn. After a moment of confusion, everyone CHEERS, realizing that if someone as wonderful as Cornelius is a unicorn, then clearly they were wrong, and they even start wearing fake unicorn horns for fun.

Here's a nice video from the Benicia, California, Public Library, with children's librarian "Caroline" reading the book, with permission from the publisher, Macmillan:

Well gosh, if that's not a very sneaky story trying to propagandize children into coming out as gay, then what else could it possibly be?

Also, so freaking what if it were a coming out fable, because the story also works just fine as a parable of

  • Someone revealing to their Baptist parents that they're dating someone who's Jewish
  • A music fan telling all their metalhead friends that they like free jazz
  • A My Little Pony fan bravely admitting they think Applejack is Best Pony, however wrong that may be
  • Anyone acknowledging anything they're not sure others are going to accept

In fact, just about the only thing it couldn't be about would be a conservative bravely revealing their politics to their liberal friends, because everyone knows The Left would react not with love and tolerance, but by cancel culturing such a person. Or by brutally murdering them and eating their corpse live on MSNBC, as Rachel Maddow smiles approvingly from her Throne of Doom.

Or maybe it's an even more general message about self-acceptance, as Tharp explained to WBNS:

“I think a book can save people cause it saved me when I was a kid,” Tharp said. “I got lost in books, and it taught me that it was okay to be creative, and it was okay to think different, and so that was what my mission was with this book was just to write something that helped kids understand it is good that you’re different than me, and it is good because we can learn something from each other. And a unicorn’s the best way to do it because kids love unicorns.”

The TV station points out that Tharp is a straight man who is married, presumably to a straight woman, as though that were any defense for his dangerous promotion of the idea that differences are good.

“I’m not here to entertain adults that want to project their own whatever issues onto a children’s book, I’m here to create books that inspire kids to dream big, embrace themselves, understand the importance of self-kindness, to really learn how to manage your emotions because it’s a confusing world we live in, and being a human is not easy,” he said. “If an adult is struggling, that’s what therapy’s for, not my kids’ books, and I hope that maybe even my kids’ books might inspire some adults, but they’re meant for the child to figure themselves out, just be a tool, that’s it.”

We feel compelled to point out what radical, un-American stuff that is. Messages of cooperation and kindness teach children to be weak. The real way to thrive is to defeat your enemies and rivals by any means available, because if you don't, they'll grind you into the dust. America is about winning, not a lot of pajama-boy soy-drinking unicorn-rainbow "I accept myself" crap. After all, no less an expert on America than Tucker Carlson has derided the notion of diversity, since anyone knows that cultural cohesion comes from similarity, not difference.

Read More: Tucker Carlson Dreams Of Room Filled Entirely With Tucker Carlsons

We urge the good God-fearing parents of Ohio or Delaware or Brigadoon or wherever they are to keep an eye on this divisive pro-unicorn propaganda. Decent, proud, hardworking horses already have a culture and a nation. Tharp's book clearly pushes the Great Hooved Replacement, in which effete homosexual unicorns will infiltrate and overwhelm the horses who built America, leaving the nation ripe for the plucking.

Ah, but who's behind all this?

Princess Celestia, of course. She's been plotting this for ages.

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