Oil Industry Senators Decide They'll Just Allow That Tar Sands Keystone Pipeline Anyway


The oil industry millionaires known as "Republicans in the Senate" have decided to fix that whole Obama/Keystone tar sands/global disaster/dirtiest possible fuel problem by making their own rules that will override the State Department, so that the oil industry can get hopping on this worst possible source of land-raping carbon-spewing fuel, which will enrich the oil industry millionaires who are sitting in the Senate chambers instead of being led to the guillotine platform.

NRDC just sent this out:

Senator Lugar has just proposed a bill that would block the efforts by the Obama Administration to ensure that farmers and other landowners are protected as it considers TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. The bill would require the Administration to rubber stamp the project in 60 days with no further review along a route that hasn’t even been determined yet. There isn’t even agreement on how significant the reroute will be – this bill would force the President to approve a route sight unseen. Senator Bernie Sanders responded to this news by pointing out that “at a time when the State Department Inspector General is conducting a special inquiry into possible conflicts of interest related to the State Department’s handling of this project, it is completely inappropriate to try to short-circuit the thorough environmental review process federal law requires.” Just as troubling, the bill ignores the voices of Americans across the country who have asked the President to consider their serious concerns about the impact Keystone XL would have on landowners, the environment and our country’s energy future.

Hopefully Obama will re-capitulate on this before anybody else in the oil industry gets upset! [NRDC]


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