Okay, More Situation Room: We Can't Help It

Oh WolfBill Clinton makes everyone's heart beat a little faster, so fast, in fact, that it takes half an hour to come down. Which is why, until recently, on "The Situation Room, four CNN correspondents were offering -- as the lower third says -- "ANALYSIS OF OUR EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH BILL CLINTON." Observed Candy Crowley: The interview showed "how good he is with the English language." This awesome exercise in masturbation gives lie to a rejoinder Wolf made to Clinton: "That's my job, I'm newsman. I try to make news and you try to avoid news, that's your job." Well, someone is avoiding news.

Oh, but it got worse. Wolf pulled the cable news version of "Does this make me look fat?" No, wait, it's "Does this dress that I'm trying to hamfistedly brand as serious and relevant make me look fat?" :

WOLF: I want to put a picture up. You many not see it. It's you in the situation room of the West Wing, your former Vice President is there, your former national security adviser it's a good picture. You are now in the CNN ""Situation Room"" at least via satellite. How do you feel?

CLINTON: Well I like being in the other situation room. But I like this one better. There's less pressure and more freedom and I know I can walk out on you.

Yes, Bill, that's what we like about it, too.

The Situation Room [TVEyes]


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