Olbermann, Carville, Marty Sheen, Even Dennis & Liz

He's hurting America.Hello, people who are suddenly seeing famous-for-D.C. people everywhere in town all of a sudden! We like this, we like it very much. So this week, enjoy the voyeuristic fun of seeing James Carville, George Allen, lovebirds Dennis and Elizabeth Kucinich, Keith Olbermann, Martin Sheen and many more, after the jump.

Seen somebody who is pretty famous for Washington? Send your story and cell-phone pix -- subject line: Wonk'd -- and watch it magically appear in next week's Wonk'd.

  • Does James Carville still count or has everyone seen him already? Caught him at National Airport Tuesday afternoon. He got some Einstein Brothers bagels, which he scarfed down and then immediately got up to go get some McDonald's, which he ate just as quickly. Photo here.
  • Saw James Carville today in Pentagon City Mall racing into Nordstrom. He was by himself wearing sunglasses and more clothing than you probably need in the burgeoning DC heat. Maybe he finally got a job this cycle and needed a last minute suit.
  • I just left the White House, and I was walking right behind no other than (former) Senator George Allen and his wife! Upon leaving the East Wing, he promptly put in a mouth full of dip and began spitting all over the presidential driveway! You stay classy, Macaca. His wife drives him around in their black SUV that still has an "Allen for Senate" bumper sticker on it. How sad. No football visible, though.
  • I am sitting at Pete's Diner (shout out to veggie special) and who comes walking along but Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich. I have to say that I was unsure of her hotness up to this point but she looks great in a sundress and Kucinich as her accessory. They were -- no surprise -- holding hands. They are inside and I don't know what they are eating but it shouldn't be too hard to guess. [Each other? -- Ed.]
  • Was driving away from my house in Washington, D.C. yesterday at about 2:30 in the afternoon, when who should pass me but Keith Olbermann driving a bright red Ferrari, I believe it was the 430 model. My friend and I did a double take and looked at each other -- "Was that just...? Holy shit, it was." He lives in New York, and the Ferrari had D.C. plates -- maybe it was a friend's? Normally I find Ferrari drivers to be pricks, but for some reason, I now think he's even more awesome.
  • So, I'm driving home tonight on the Rock Creek Parkway, near the Kennedy Center. Look to my left at a late model Lexus RX 400 with Member of Congress license plates (California District 36) and there's a 60-ish hot silverish/blonde with short cropped hair and wearing fancy shades behind the wheel -- it's Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), who's worth more than Jay Rockefeller and Ted Kennedy combined thanks to her marriage to car stereo magnate Sidney Harman. She's talking very animatedly into her Blackberry phone in her right hand, and I'm tempted to toot my horn to say "hey, lady, it's illegal to drive while talking on your cell phone in the District of Columbia."
  • Joe Lieberman, in need of a haircut and wearing a green sweater, at Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown on Sunday with a middle aged couple, and young man.
  • This is a few days late, but on Saturday (4/12) I was stalked by former faux President Martin Sheen. I was on M and Thomas Jefferson in Georgetown when I passed a solo, casually-dressed, strolling Sheen. I said, "Good afternoon, Mr. Sheen" to which he smiled and cheerily replied "How ya doin'!" Oddly, I had this exact exchange with him in Georgetown last Fall. Hours later, I'm waiting at the Circulator stop and he walks past me again; again solo. This encounter went unspoken. Nice guy, though.
  • On a recent Wednesday, I saw esteemed DC Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry leaving B. Smith's at Union Station from a late lunch with a tall, fairly young lady. After a coworker pointed him out to me, his signature swagger (limp?) was obvious.
  • Two Saturdays ago (3/22), I dined a few tables from Shock Doctrine author Naomi Klein and (I believe) her husband Avi Lewis at Bistrot du Coin on Connecticut. Adorable looking couple, those two!
  • Early yesterday evening (4/2), I saw Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) boarding Metrobus 96 on E. Capitol Street. Even from the state of the Big Three, he's a bus-riding man of the people!

Thanks to the Wonkette operatives who reported these Importing Sightings!


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