Old Handsome Joe Biden Just Saying Maybe Donald Trump Is Stupid As Hell

Go get 'em, Joe

Oh, how the past couple days have been! Donald Trump tells America he's just not sure if he'll accept his (losing) fate in this here 2016 election during Wednesday night's debate, and everybody is like OMG HOLY SHIT THAT IS NOT HOW U.S. AMERICA WORKS, LIKE EVEN MISS TEEN SOUTH CAROLINA KNOWS THAT.

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/607765/donald-trump-believes-in-integrity-of-american-elections-won-by-donald-trump"></a>[/wonkbar]Then Trump does a Thursday rally and "clarifies" that he's cool with the election results, as long as he is declared the Orange Trash King Of America. Otherwise, he's gonna SUE.

Your vice president, Old Handsome Joe Biden, is pissed off about that, but he's pissed off about something else too, namely Trump's insanely uninformed, jerk-off statements about foreign policy. Campaigning for Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire and introducing himself as "Jill Biden's husband," Biden went BONKERS APESHIT on Trump, but said we should give Trump the benefit of the doubt because maybe Trump really is as stupid as he seems, and you can't fix stupid.

Here, have a great big long Joe Biden speech, for your enjoyment! The part about Trump starts a little more than 10 minutes in, and he says he's going to be serious and he's not looking for "applause lines," which means everybody is going to giggle and cheer Biden and boo Trump, because Joe Biden always says that, then proceeds to be awesome:

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/607203/looks-like-donald-trump-done-gone-and-pissed-off-the-veterans"></a>[/wonkbar]Being deadly serious, just like he was when he went off on Trump's comments about veterans with PTSD, Biden mentioned his late son Beau, and actually said, "Thank God I don't have to worry about whether my son is still [serving in Iraq], because [Trump] plays into the hands of our enemies so uniquely." He said he's been criticized for saying that before, but fuck it, maybe he says it because that's what a grave danger Trump is to the country. Then he said maybe Trump is too stupid to know what he's doing:

It's either he is so stupid that he doesn't understand -- no no, it's possible! -- that -- no, really, it's possible, it's possible he doesn't understand the damage he is doing!

[wonkbar]<a href="http://wonkette.com/607753/hillary-clinton-tells-donald-trump-where-he-can-shove-his-russian-wikileaks"></a>[/wonkbar]So what dumbass Trump foreign policy ideas are making Biden so mad? Oh, ALL OF THEM, KATIE. But specifically, he talks about Trump's "continued romance with Putin" and his insolent insistence during the debate that our intelligence community is somehow too incompetent to correctly assess that it is Russia currently fucking with our election:

What an indictment of who we are! What an indictment of our capability! What an indictment of our military! Sending a message that flies into what Putin is doing, saying America's weak, they're crippled, they cannot move forward. That's how he's keeping support in Russia! And then he says, as a major party candidate, for the world to hear, playing into the hands of Putin, that our country has no idea. Can you fathom any presidential candidate ever ever having said that, or would they say that?


It's a really great speech. You should enjoy it with your morning liquor drink, take his message to heart, and then get out there and do something, ANYTHING, to make sure Hillary Clinton is elected for president. DO IT FOR OLD HANDSOME JOE, DO IT RIGHT NOW.


Evan Hurst

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