Old Handsome Joe Biden Tries To Sell Canadian On Obamacare

Old Handsome Joe Biden Tries To Sell Canadian On Obamacare

There's just something about Old Handsome Joe Biden that makes this kind of thing happen: Joe was in Scottsdale, Arizona, last week, and a local teevee news crew caught him doing hisBiden Magic -- sitting down next to a smiling young woman and urging her to enroll in Obamacare, because health insurance for the youngs is a good thing, and your parents will be reassured that you're covered.

And sure, the nice young lady, "Jackie," turned out to be Canadian, but how was Joe supposed to know that without seeing the flag on her backpack? This one's being called a "gaffe," but it's not like he was making fun of that country's "bacon," or "curling" or "whiskey," now was he? Heck, she wasn't even in a wheelchair, so for OHJB, this was a pretty good day.

Our Canadian visitor -- no doubt here for emergency surgery, which is unavailable in that socialist hellhole to the north -- was far too polite to tell the VPOTUS to take a flying touque at a rolling poutine; instead, she just smiled and nodded, and told the news people afterward that she looks forward to the day when America gets its healthcare act together, too:

“I just didn’t know if I should say, ‘I’m sorry, uh, Canadian, don’t know if I can help you out, or...' He’s for it and I’m for it and I hope it works out here.”

And so you have a collision of memes: Joe Biden being a little situationally clueless, and a Canadian being too polite to correct him. It could have gone worse, we suppose; if she'd overcome the reticence natural to her people, she might have made embarrassing comparisons between Obamacare's patched-together insurance plans and a genuine single-payer system. Now that might have been a gaffe.


Doktor Zoom

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