Old Hollywood Stars You Never Knew Were Gay. Tabs, Wed., April 22, 2020

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Trump ain't wanna pay his rent, so guess who isn't going to to pay his rent? (New York Times)


You Can't Rule Me youtu.be

Here is a good New York Times on it.

Here's the latest stimmy deal. (Politico)

Note it ain't got anything for the states? Yeah, Jon Chait at New York mag is entirely correct: They're trying to starve the governors into reopening.

Publicly traded companies have taken quite a bit of the Paycheck Protection Program funds for "small business," Jesus Christ. (CNBC)

And the AP looks into a few who had sketchy pasts.

Small businesses class-action-suing Chase for allegedly frontloading all their big customers' PPP applications, so they could get higher application fees. — USA Today

Would you like to learn about money laundering? Here you go!

NPR did a bad story about a small businesswoman in Kentucky whose claims it just took at face value, and you probably shouldn't read it, but you also shouldn't read her blogpost about how the $600 additional weekly federal unemployment means her workers would be making $60,000 a year to stay home, but $600 a week is for sure not $60,000 and also she should shut the fuck up and ALSO also she should probably not pay her workers $1200 a month. (No, it's not $60,000 including Kentucky's portion; her workers would max out at $175 a week in Kentucky unemployment benefits, I looked it up.)

A last-week tab: Dana Milbank calls Trump's WHO smears "damnable and murderous" lies. (Washington Post)

Missouri sues China. Okay. (Suit)

Politico looks at the testing fuckbroglio.

Paul Krugman is displeased with all the rightwing quacks, just grifting and lying and quacking away. (New York Times)

You know what you should get? A pulse oximeter. (New York Times)

This seems important: Government docs show the feds expect 300,000 of us to die if we reopen too soon. And yet they're pushing everybody to because Trump got a hair up his ass when someone said he wasn't the boss of the governors. (The story doesn't say that part.) — NPR

Plus! Five things the government just kind of hangs out there and hopes you won't notice in its modeling. (NPR)

New York Times deep dives the excess mortality data from a whole bunch of countries. Nasty fake news New York Times!

Is your Macbook Air overheating all the time? Mine too! Have a tab.

Speaking of Stanley Tucci and how everyone loves him the most and can't get enough of him: Here are just the Julia parts of Julie and Julia. I love you.

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