Old Man Married To Queen Calls People Spongers On Way To Cash Million-Pound Treasury Cheque

Old Man Married To Queen Calls People Spongers On Way To Cash Million-Pound Treasury Cheque

Prince Philip -- best known stateside as Mr. Queen of England -- is a right cock. He has a mean face, and is always yelling at people and calling them "slitty eyes," and you get the idea based on no evidence whatsoever except watching James Cromwell play him in The Queen that he is definitely A Asshole. But in addition, Eng-lande's No. One Welfare King also likes to make funny jokes about other people "sponging"! ("Sponging" in British is like being "a taker" who works for a living, instead of being a job creator entrepreneur, son of a governor, or member of the royal family.) You guys, Cute Britain has its very own Mitt Romney! Next, he will make fun of the cakes they like and also insult them to their faces. Er, we mean more.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, receives an annuity of 359,000 British-pound-symbol per annum from the Crown. (For proper American money, multiply that pound-symbol by 1.59ish.) Meanwhile, his wife -- Carol, we think? -- soaks her adorably twee island nation for a solid ten times that, or millions and millions of moneys. You can almost see Sarah Palin grabbing a gray Bump-it and a sensible bag and matching flats, and Single White Femaling THE SHIT OUT OF IT.

So what did Ol' Cuntface say to a bunch of old women at a community health center just now, on one of his periodic visits to show the islanders that Message: He Cares? Oh, he said this:

"Who do you sponge off?"

Leona Helmsley, meanwhile, called his comments "a bit on the nose" and then went back to being dead.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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