Old Man McCain Just Hates When Cindy Brings Home Strays

Hear her roar.There's a great new interview with pretend First Lady Cindy "Cougar" McCain in San Diego magazine, which is one of those glossy local lifestyle magazines for well-to-do white people. In the Q&A, Cindy reveals how much she loves spending all her time "recuperating" at a beachfront mansion she recently bought on Coronado Island -- home of elite Naval commanders and their sand-cougar wives -- and explains what really enrages her elderly husband: the way she's always "bringing home stray everything."

What would John McCain say is your most annoying habit?

CM: I guess bringing home stray everything. Dogs . . . I love animals, so I'll wind up bringing strays home. I think that probably bothers him more than he says.

Awkward! Especially when you remember this story:

John McCain's campaign is sending a mailing to South Carolina Republicans which shows a picture of his wife Cindy McCain cradling the baby they adopted in Bangladesh in 1993.

The mailing touts McCain's commitment to adoption as proof of his pro-life record.

It comes as both McCains are suddenly talking about their adoption of a baby from Bangladesh on the stump.

"When a mother comes home with a new child, and doesn't even tell him she's coming home with a new baby, and surprises him with a new baby from Bangladesh -- and not only does he open his arms, he loves her just like I do," said Cindy McCain, introducing her husband in Greenville, South Carolina Thursday, "that's something that says something about the character of a man."

Anyway, back to the San Diego magazine interview. So what does Cindy really do while she lounges on the beach in a Vicodin haze?

I love Coronado. Listen, to me there's nothing better than waking up and seeing the sun come up over the water on the bay there. And watching the Navy SEALs run up and down the beach.

Ha ha, you thought we were kidding about this cougar business!

Cindy McCain Q&A [San Diego]


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