Old Walnuts McCain Accidentally (?) Endorses Obama Instead of Romney


John McCain wandered away from the rest of his senior-housing group at the indoor mall and next thing you know he had wandered onstage with Mitt Romney, in South Carolina! Seems like a good opportunity to give Mittens an endorsement, right? Eh, or just endorse "President Obama," maybethat guy can "turn this country around." Will you laugh or cringe at this excruciating old-person video? Both? All of them?

The great thing is that Romney doesn't even respond in a human way, because he's not human. Besides, he's probably thinking about something totally different. Probably counting money in his head. "And there's a million over there .... and I can sell those extra mansions in Aspen or wherever, and then there's some more money for that pile. Money money money! I've got a very large collection of money, don't I?"

This is a good excuse to feature another classic John McCain moment on the YouTubes, from Campaign 2008:

[YouTube/Another YouTube]


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