Oliver Stone Is Crazy

The unholy spawn of Jack Lemmon & Walther Matthau - WonketteFinally realizing the true horror of his crime -- another shitty Nicholas Cage movie -- director Oliver Stone is trying to get back on liberals' good side by denouncing Bush and the Iraq War.

Sorry, Oliver, you're way too late. Once freakin' Bob Woodward is put on the job, consensus has already been reached in the Halls of Power. Bush is done. You might as well complain about Tom DeLay or something. And exactly what were you thinking when you said this: "Mr. Bush has set America back 10 years."

Dude, you must've been in a cocaine coma in 1996, because 1996 was awesome. We wish Bush would set America back 10 years.

Stone says Bush has 'set America back 10 years' [AP]

Oliver Stone 'ashamed of America' [Newsbusters]


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