Oliver Stone Movie Will Solve George W. Bush's Assassination

Dems took mah big flag :(Beloved filmmaker Oliver Stone hasn't done anything interesting since 1963, when he made the "Zapruder Film" that showed how JFK was killed by the Conspiracy. Now the veteran director is taking on the story of another person who lived in the White House: the president of freedom, George W. Bush. Not even a Leonard Cohen soundtrack or Tommy Lee Jones playing a mincing New Orleans homosexual could make this movie not suck.

The screenplay has lots of Oliver Stone-style cutting back and forth from this time to another time, and probably some scenes in black & white, and others in dated-looking color, and who the fuck knows, maybe some dragons from World of Warcraft.

The only reason JFK was sort of interesting -- and, make no mistake, an epic embarrassment -- was because so much of the conspiracy and so many of the peripheral characters were unknown to all but a handful of fanatic researchers who had no Internet whatsoever. The W movie will lack even that novelty, as every dumb shameful moment of Bush Junior's life has been repeated on a million liberal blogs and Air America and Saturday Night Live and the Onion and probably The American Prospect?

Hell, even a casual drunken look at Wonkette a few times a year would probably provide all you need to know about the time Bush tried to punch his dad, and how Bush was a "cheerleader" and how he supposedly had to quit boozing and how his wife killed her ex-boyfriend and how they're all going to exile in Paraguay next year.

Daddy Issues, War Lust in Oliver Stone's 'W' [ABC News]


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