Olympia Snowe Waited By The Phone For Years For Obama's Call

Very grumpy Maine senator and recent quitter Olympia Snowe is not gone yet, sadly. First she must say that the reason why she is quitting politics is because President Obama made her feel rejected and ignored. In an interview with ABC, she scolds the President for being aloof, which he, duh, is, and which everyone else has long gotten over, and say that in her centuries-long reign in legislative land, Obama is the president who spoke with her the least. ABC News claims that "If there were ever a Republican for President Obama to work with, it was Maine Senator Olympia Snowe," but uh, it turns out that Obama tried a zillion times to get the woman to listen to him, and her response was to act like some kind of perfect moderate Queen of America!

Snowe was obsessed with centrism to the point that she would vote for something, only to turn around and vote against it a day later because it had been changed slightly, as if left, right and center could actually be measured down to 1/16 of an inch, and she just had to follow what the ruler said. Case in point, as the Huffington Post points out, is the healthcare bill. Obama apparently "wooed" Snowe for weeks over the bill. When she objected to the public option clause of the bill, "Democrats removed it." She then "voted for the bill in the Finance Committee, only to turn against it when it reached the decisive vote on the Senate floor." Why? Because things were "moving too fast." Government decisions moving TOO FAST? This is a problem because...? Anyway, now, somehow this kind of behavior is now being translated into, "Obama never talked to me."

Snowe says she gives Obama a "close to failing" grade on his "ability to work with Republicans." And we give Snowe an F on her ability to understand what the words "work with" mean! Now get out of here! [Huffington Post/ABC News]


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