OMG Crazy TeeVee First Lady And/Or Movie Witch Sorta Like Crazy Actual First Lady!

Brains, brains! - WonketteThere is a teevee show about how to torture Moslem children called "Twenty Four" and apparently starring a "First Lady gone mad who is currently institutionalized at a mental health facility." And there's a newish Harry Potter movie featuring this cloyingly sadistic schoolmarm named Dolores Umbridge. And then a New York Times columnist made the obvious comparisons to our real-life creepy First Lady and the nuts went crazy. But we looked it up on the Internets and sure enough it is totally true, at least in the case of the Harry Potter lady. Ye who have eyes, see:

Here is the offending passage from the offending column:

I giggled a bit nastily over this at first. What was next -- claims that fingering China as a one-nation axis of evil on "24" had presaged the country's exposure this spring as the source of all perishables tainted and fatal? That screen first lady Martha Logan's descent into minimadness anticipated Laura Bush's increasingly beleaguered late-term demeanor? (Has anyone but me noticed her astounding resemblance to Dolores Umbridge in "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"?)

Okay, wait one fucking minute here. Is this really what columnists at the NYT are writing these days? Because, you know, we can write 800 words of tortured bullshit once a week with mentions of several recent teevee shows and movies, too -- we could get a subscription to "Entertainment Weekly" or something! They still pay $150,000 a year for that with an actual 401k and full matching and stock options and shit, right? Good-bye, Wonkette! Have fun with the food stamps!

Uh, anyway, where were we? Oh right, some idiots are outraged by something again blah blah blah who fucking cares.

Times' Columnist: Laura Bush Resembles Deranged '24' First Lady & Evil Harry Potter Character [Free Republic]


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