OMG It's Fall, Part I

Well it's fall. Summer was fun, but, hey, it's gone, and now it's fall. Fall brings pretty leaves, perhaps a political affair (nesting occurs more during these months), maybe a public option, and who knows what else! And for you, there is so much fun to be had in fall.

It's not winter, so get your ass outside and do fun fall things:

  • Apple and Pumpkin Picking: City folks can't get enough of this stuff in the fall. We highly recommend checking out Butler's Orchard or Baugher's Orchard and Farm where you can ride a tractor, to the apples.
  • Jewish Literary Festival: Did you know Jews can read? They're such versatile people, and they want YOU to listen to them read out loud October 18 to October 28. There will also be a slam poetry session, which no Jewish event is complete without.
  • Dumbarton Oaks: Admission to this garden is free starting November 1. Go and check out the beautiful pre-Colombian sculptures collection -- it's a free way to spend a beautiful fall day outside.
  • US Navy Band: The Navy reminds us that the US is just the best, most superior country ever with its free outdoor performance of "Total Force.... Total Performance" in celebration of its 234th birthday on October 18.
  • Hiking: Fall is a great time to get in shape before eating yourself silly at Thanksgiving and at the multitude of Hanukkah parties you'll be attending. So hike! Check out Great Falls, Roosevelt Island, or anywhere in Shenandoah National Park.
  • Corn Mazes: Nothing says fall/east coast/wow, I need a hobby, like spending the afternoon in a labyrinth. Hill High Farms has an eight-acre corn maze. Other solid options include Huber's Farm Haunted Hayride and Corn Maze and Crumland Farms.

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