OMG Old Video of Sarah Palin In Ugly Swimsuit

Thank you, loyal readers, for sending us a few thousand tips about thisYouTube video of Sarah Palin walking on a beauty-pageant stage in a very '80s, unflattering one-piece. We are not posting it here because HALF THE CLIP IS SOME GUY TALKING ABOUT HOW HE HAS THIS VIDEOTAPE. OH THAT ONE IS REMOVED BY USER. (Okay, we'll post the pure-beauty walk video after the jump.) And now we must prepare for our live coast-to-coast Mississippi debate pre-coverage, coverage, and post-coverage, so go ahead and watch this video for the next couple of hours, again and again. (Also thanks for the "McCain Wins Debate" ad tips; yeah dudes we got that at like dawn today, here, check it out.) Okay, go to the liquor store, buy firearms and firewater, and we'll see you in a few! Oh yeah, OPEN THREAD, type like crazy!

[youtube expand=1]

(Via everybody, really, so stop it. Thanks. UPDATE: Thanks to Rodney Badger for finding the live clip.)

PS - Just because Sara K's on vacation doesn't mean the BAN-HAMMER is broken. We are tired of seeing things here that we KNOW you wouldn't say in a million years, to your (pretend) girlfriend or Mom. Stop making us be ashamed for you.


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