7 of the 24 members of the World Bank's board declared Bank head Paul Wolfowitz a total bastard in a scathing report issued last night.

He still doesn't want to quit. The committee has encouraged the board to punish him in some vague fashion. Europe keeps threatening to stop giving the Bank any money. Dick Cheney is still saying things on Fox News from Jordan, where he has crowned himself King. Paul keeps issuing his own crazy statements left and right. At some point, in the confusion, he admitted that only he and he alone would ever want anything to do with Shaha Ali RZA, his mistress.

"It would only be human nature for them to want to steer clear of her," Mr. Wolfowitz said in a rebuttal submitted earlier to the bank panel and obtained Monday from Wolfowitz supporters.

We're not sure how this helps his case, but maybe he's just trying for the sympathy vote by admitting that he just takes what he can get, lady-wise.

Bank Report Says Wolfowitz Violated Ethics [NYT]


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