On Terri Schiavo's Bookshelf

Naked Republicans: A Full-frontal Exposure of Right-wing Hypocrisy and Greed, by Shelley Lewis. Blurb: "The expose you've been waiting for. From Cheney to Condi, from DeLay to the Dukester, from Newt to Rummy, these are the weasels, wackos, and wingnuts who turned the party of Lincoln into a five-kegger blowout."

Donkey Cons: Sex, Crime, and Corruption in the Democratic Party, by Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain. Blurb: "In this raucous, head-spinning look at the follies and felonies of today's most famous and infamous liberals, journalists Lynn Vincent and Robert Stacy McCain chronicle for the first time the rampant crime, sex, and corruption of the Democratic Party."


--Nick Gillespie


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