On the Whole, We'd Rather Be Far, Far Away From Philadelphia

matthewsharris.jpgWill Bunch lays down the science on the possible Matthews Senate run -- Matthews (who has lots of friends) will have to run as an independent, he'd be the only pro-choice candidate in a generally pro-choice state, it would maybe help the Republicans, Matthews seems more or less like an all-around douchebag, etc. etc.

Personally, we kinda hope he does run, and then wins, 'cause if he's the junior Senator from Pennsylvania, he hopefully will be on TV slightly less often. Hopefully. Anyway, we just ran this update as an excuse to post that hastily photoshopped icon, which we are offering for Chris' use, free of charge.

You owe us one.

Really, you owe us one.

The State of Brotherly Love: Will Chris Matthews plunge into the Pa. Senate race? [Attytood]

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