Once Hidden Secret Revealed From the Bible 'Elites Don't Want This Released'! Tabs, Fri., July 10, 2020

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More than 80 Christian "kampers" (unfortunate choice, Kanakuk Camp) all sent home with Kovid to 10 different states. Time to open up the schools! (Buzzfeed)

Yes, it does seem like America Is Refusing to Learn How to Fight the Coronavirus, New York mag!

Interesting: James West Davidson takes a first crack at what a high school history textbook would look like covering 2020. (The Atlantic)

Nobody in New York can pay their rent, and it's all about to crash down. — Bloomberg

Oh for SURE let's give this thief $20 million in stockpile and VA contracts, FOR SURE. (ProPublica)

Donald Trump's distraction superpowers have finally stopped working. — Amanda Marcotte in Salon

Too long, just read half: How the National Review is trying to rewrite its history (and present!) of racist fuckupedness. (The Intercept)

Is John Roberts just playing us so we don't pack the Court under President Biden?

What the Court's decisions have in common this term is that they don't touch the broader edifice of Republican power whatsoever, which is grounded in both the anti-democratic, minoritarian features of the U.S. political system as well as with preserving the nearly limitless power of rich people and corporations to influence our politics and reinforce their own power. That's why the Court in 2019, on a party-line 5-4 vote, refused to outlaw the practice of partisan gerrymandering, which disproportionately helps Republicans maintain power. It's why the Supreme Court ruled, in April, that Wisconsin voters had to vote in person at the polls at the peak of the state's pandemic. It's why just days ago the Court made it harder for voters in Alabama and Texas to cast absentee ballots amidst the pandemic. It's why whenever issues of corporate power are brought before the Court, the rights and privileges of the rich are affirmed over those of the people. Kill the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau while giving liberals hope that Roe will live.

David Faris in The Week

Why even if (when) Trump loses the election, we still need to examine the fuck out of the tax information the Roberts Court has said we should maybe be able to see later. — Paul Waldman in the Washington Post

Ninth Circuit Court tells US Fish and Wildlife to fuck off, they can't let Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming give permits to hunt grizzly bears. (Guardian)

Of course the doctors were surprised. Either because the president of the United States could not in fact identify "camel," or because he was peeing in milk jugs with kleenex boxes on his feet. Either way!

Rejoice rejoice Emanuel! Joy Reid is finally getting her primetime MSNBC show, starting July 20! (WaPo)

Joe Biden's "surprisingly visionary" housing plan? *Click* (Vox)

Sure, we'll watch Biden's economic recovery, or more likely make Dok do it. — Crooks & Liars

I'm watching "Ozark," about Jason Bateman the money launderer. It's good! (It's not as good as "Justified.") Whyyyy do we let anonymous shell companies exist again? Carolyn Maloney says we shouldn't, asks Mitch to include parts of her House-passed "don't be crime, shell companies!" bill into the NDAA. Good luck to us all! (Maloney release)



Well I don't know what I could possibly have been doing in July 2018 that would have caused me to miss this story about "Anna March," the kind of enchanting griftress* who grifts our kind — writers and feminists and art folk — instead of that famous one who grifted socialites like who even cares. — OLD TAB, LA Times

*Says she is NOT A GRIFTRESS. And I am not a cupcake. She's a good writer though, except for that open letter, you can google her.

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