One America News Celebrates Gay Pride By WHAT ABOUT WHITE HISTORY MONTH?

Happy Pride, everyone!

Let's check in on the One America News Network, and see how they're celebrating.

Fair warning: It's fuckin' weird.

Transcript via Media Matters:

KARA McKINNEY (HOST): Remember how back in the day about 10 or so years ago when the gay marriage debate was really taking off and we had the Supreme Court case and everything going on at the time it was, well, what goes on in people's bedroom isn't anyone else's business and now of course they brought the bedroom to the streets and now we have to visualize everything, see it all, hear all the gross itty-bitty degenerate details of other people's lives, and then we're being forced to encourage it and to promote it. And since you're a pastor and given your background with that with spiritual matters, what do you make of America — we're supposed to be founded on Judeo-Christian principles — dedicating an entire month to pride, one of the seven deadly sins; what do you make of that?

They brought the bedroom to the streets and showed everybody their gross itty-bitties! And Kara McKinney is forced BY LAW to visualize it.

Now, if you aren't watching the video, you are probably imagining that the person speaking is some kind of cartoonish combination of Dana Carvey's "Church Lady" and the reanimated rotting corpse of stupid dead Phyllis Schlafly. But no, it appears to be a younger person named Kara McKinney. We don't know what happened to her to make her this way, cringing about the "grossy itty-bitty degenerate details" of everybody else's naughty nookies. But here she is.

Apparently she thinks the "pride" in the seven deadly sins refers to "gay pride." So she's not the brightest star on OAN.

Speaking of bright stars, McKinney's guest was Jesse Lee Peterson, a 72-year-old Black pastor and professional wingnut who last appeared on Wonkette when he was ASTOUNDED to learn that men go down on ladies' crotch bits WITH THEIR MOUTHS. He said "men should not be doing that because it's like eating out of a trash can."

He said, "You have the dirt coming out, blood, other people's sex stuff, disease, and y'all eat it out?" He was also horrified to learn that womenfolk also do those things to men with their own mouths. "I asked the women if there were many women who knew about this and I was stunned at the answer. I thought it was like a slut thing! I didn't know normal women do that to men." His friends reassured him that all women are sluts.

Peterson did not know all these things were so popular! He said later in the segment in question that women are not supposed to be having orgasms. "Any woman that's climaxing is becoming a man, because it's not normal for a woman to do that." Got that? Orgasms? Not normal. Dirt coming out of the vaginas? That's just how it works!

SO ANYWAY, he was the guest on the One America News Network, to talk about the gay pride month! Don't you want to know what this man, who thinks it's filthy and disgusting for a man and a woman to mouth each other's genitals, even if they are in a Christian marriage, thinks about gay pride month?

We'll skip all his spiritual garbage shit and get to the good part:

JESSE LEE PETERSON (GUEST): We should have never fallen for this idea that oh, we just want to come out of the closet. Just let us out of the closet. And then they said, oh, we want to go to church. But we don't want to be talked about at church. So a lot of preachers stopped mentioning that homosexuality is wrong, that something has gone wrong and they must repent and return to God. Now they've taken over the churches. There are a lot of preachers afraid to speak out against so-called Pride Month.

The gays have taken over the churches. Had you heard? We hadn't heard. Ha ha! First we personally stole the rainbow from God's cold dead hands and made it our symbol AND THEN!

Peterson continued:

PETERSON: You know, I started the white history month in July. White — this is our fourth year coming up where we're celebrating white history.

Whoa, that was not the direction we were expecting this discussion about the gays and the BLTs and their sexings to go. This Black pastor started white history month. Wow.

PETERSON: And what I've noticed that in America, a country that was founded by white people and created by white people, one of the greatest country on this side of heaven. And so white people — invited all these other — allowed all this other stuff to happen but you can celebrate everything but white history. We must remember white history.

Pretty sure we've had that covered on this side of the Atlantic since at least ... 1619? Yeah, let's go with 1619.

PETERSON: Because if it wasn't for that, there would be no America. And so they got Black history, women history, Mexican history, so-called gay pride. What's happy about being perverted? There's nothing good about that, living in sin, right? And, but we celebrate — I don't — but they celebrate that. But when it comes to white history they're afraid to even mention white history.

Terrified. The average child in America is probably not even aware white people were allowed to exist before Donald Trump became president.

Peterson finished with some more make America great words about showing appreciation to white people, and some kinda boring shit about praying for the fallen gays, and then it was McKinney's turn again, to just make it REAL weird.

McKINNEY: You're exactly right because all of us are fallen in sin. We all have our sins and our flaws and our vices, but we don't make that the center of our personality. And we don't identify it. You know, if someone's a liar they shouldn't go around and say having a lying flag and you know and say I'm a liar, and that's who I am, and that's everything you need to know about me. No, because as Christians and a Christian nation we find our identity in Jesus Christ and then from there everything flows from that.

Reminder: OANN calls itself a "news" network. There are people out there who watch this and think it is the "news."

McKINNEY: It's interesting that they do the pride flags and you see it everywhere, you see the parades, it's on all the logos, it's really shoved in your face, especially during this month.

Just SHOVED in your face, the gross itty-bitty degenerate bedroom things.

McKINNEY: And it's because we're being told that this is a marginalized community. People in the LGBT community, they feel so scared; they're not allowed to speak. And yet it's funny, you know, we see it in June a lot but we see it in the other 11 months all the time.

Kind of like white history month?

McKINNEY: When can we stop saying that this is a marginalized group and say that they're the ones who wield all the power in this country because everything I say now will get me canceled on every other channel.

In summary and in conclusion, gays rule the world, white history has been banned, and this bugfuck weirdo from OAN Kara McKinney is hereby CANCELED.

Oh yeah and happy pride! Go do some fucking with an abundance of consent!


[Media Matters]

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