One Bite Of This Keeps Blood Sugar Below 100! Tabs, Thurs., Sept. 23, 2021


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No we're not "polarized," we're a 60-40 country with a bunch of whiny loudmouths who are afforded an outsized level of respect. Includes a very welcome slap at Jonathan Martin of the NYT. — Michael Hiltzik at LA Times

Kyrsten Sinema's numbers in Arizona are in the crapper. (Talking Points Memo)

This crapper.

David Corn would like the people who claim that Special Counsel John Durham's sad pathetic little indictment of some lawyer completely invalidates Trump RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA to fuck right off. Here, let him walk you through what we in the biz call a "calendar." — Mother Jones

The history of expanding the Supreme Court. (2019 post, Harvard Law & Policy Review)

Sounds like Justice Stephen Breyer's book is a very bad book! Maybe he should retire so he can spend more time fleshing out his thesis, "courts are not political, stop saying they are political and go volunteer at the library." — Balls and Strikes

Mona Charen, whom we used to consider a sort of paleo-Republican, is a single issue voter now: STOP THREATENING THE REPUBLIC. (Bulwark)

The cool science behind Michael Flynn's tossed vaccine salad. — Fox 8

This judge wrote that racism doesn't exist, and it was unprofessional for lawyers to bring it up. And it's not even John Roberts! (Decision)

Looks like Illinois passed ... a Green New Deal? "Clean energy and good wages, justly distributed." David Roberts calls it "brilliant." —

Did they find Sodom? Was it smithereened by a "cosmic impact event"? THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID. And by "she," I mean Lot's Wife: "Anomalously high concentrations of salt were found only associated with the bones and sediment in the destruction layer at 1650 BCE, and not in strata above or below, indicating an unusual influx of salt at that time." (Nature)

China's ugliest building contest (from comments), I LOVE THEM ALL. — Archcy

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