One Dollar Pitchers, Two-for-One Hurricanes, WIN

One Dollar Pitchers, Two-for-One Hurricanes, WIN

For those of you that are "busy" looking for "jobs" today, theTown Tavern in Adams Morgan is probably a much less depressing option. Their Mardi Gras party has been going on since before many of us were awake this morning, and although the time for free Budweiser has already passed, there are still many reasons to make this your home office for the day.

For a $5 donation to Red Cross, you can get two-for-the-price-of-one Hurricanes all day. From 7PM to 9PM, pitchers of Budweiser cost a mere $1 -- that's only one day's wages in our New Economy! The price of pitchers doubles to $2 at 9PM, but at that point you probably won't notice anyways.

There's also the glimmer of hope that you could win the Mardi Gras bead collection contest, which would gross you $500 dollars in cold hard cash, plus a $500 credit at the Town Tavern itself. The competition will be stiff, as this place is likely to get very crowded as the day goes on, so get there early! It's for charity, after all.

Town Tavern, $5, ALL DAY [Town Tavern]


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