One Hit Wonders From The '90s Everyone Forgot! Tabs, Fri., March 19, 2021

One Hit Wonders From The '90s Everyone Forgot! Tabs, Fri., March 19, 2021
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As opposed to this Montana grifter horse's ass riding into the Interior Department on a horse's ass, from four years ago. (NPR)

A writeup with a quick rundown of the symbols on her dress, if you were curious and you were. — Indian Country Today

Thanks Fox News! The idiots who wouldn't get vaxxed even if Trump himself descended from his president's throne in heaven and begged them to, because why listen to a liberal New Yorker when death is on the line? (Mediaite)

We weren't going to get the vaccine till fall. What changed? The president, Talking Points Memo. The president.

Black parents aren't pushing schools to reopen in person, and they've got some good fucking reasons. — Mother Jones

A deep dive on one of two companies in the world that make the swabs for the coronavirus tests (the other was in ... Italy), and the owner cousins who hate each other unto death but found a way to make more swabs, FOR MERICA. (Bloomberg)

Sure, it's the Hill, but it's a Tom Perez op-ed on how the American Rescue Plan protects workers and pensions, so you know, just this once. — The Hill

The School Nutrition Association is pushing for universal free lunch and breakfast for all schoolkids. Because of the pandemic, it might actually happen. (Civil Eats)

A PRIVATE JET OF RICH TRUMPERS WANTED TO "STOP THE STEAL"—BUT THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO READ THIS. I know that Vanity Fair means an actual private jet with rich Trumpers in it, but I prefer to think of private jet as the collective noun, like snarkmob of Wonkers or nipple of sorority girls. Anyway, you don't have to particularly click it if you're not Evan living in Memphis, you can save your Vanity Fair clicks if'n you want.

Boise State cancel cultured all its ethics classes, including course sections on "moral problems, moral courage, censorship, the ethics of food, folklore, deviance and human rights" because somebody had to hear that white privilege exists, and the Idaho lege is already trying to defund the police all the colleges. (Inside Higher Ed)

If you know Manhattan Beach, California, you can only IMAGINE being the Black family that founded a beach club for Black people there. You also are probably afraid to imagine how the local white people reacted. Eminent-domaining them for a fake park, and giving them a tiny bit of money, seems like the best possible outcome a hundred years ago. Now though, LA County may actually give them the family's heirs their property back, wouldn't that be something! (How mad do you think the white people will still be, about "handouts" and "reparations"?) — New York Times

I understand Ellen is very mean, but she is not mean to Michelle Obama!

Bob Vila never lets us have any fun, and I for one think all of his ways to freshen up your entry are TERRIBLE and THE WORST. Except for the fake grass stairs, cool. (

Did I say navy? Let's all paint our kitchens brightest lemon sunshine electric yellow! (The Spruce)

Did I say brightest lemon sunshine electric yellow? I meant let's all paint our kitchens all the colors of the rainbow. (

Speaking of all the colors of the rainbow! The company that makes your Sleepytime Tea was founded by people who believed that every planet had red, yellow, green, blue, and indigo peoples, and that on every planet an alien fair-skinned "Adam and Eve" come and purify the eugenically inferior. So ... what the fuck! (Inverse, via Food and Wine)

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