One Hundred Years of Reagantube: Remembering Reagan In Dumb Videos

One Hundred Years of Reagantube: Remembering Reagan In Dumb Videos

Oh can you believe it was only ahundred years ago when Ronald Reagan was born? Which side of the Civil War did he fight on, anyway? (Answer: He didn't fight at all, but he was an extra at the Ford Theater the night Lincoln was shot, and later claimed to have played the role of Robert E. Lee in James Joyce's movie Ulysses S. Grant.) Oh, also, back in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan was actually serving as president in some weird state of constant incapacitation? Everybody thought he was a moron. Most Republicans didn't even support him during the regular lows of his disastrous two terms. He also didn't defeat the Soviet Union -- they ran out of money on their own, just like we've done here in America in the past 10 years, in the exact same Central Asian country. But Ronald Reagan did delight America with his constant, idiotic appearances on film and television. Let's remember the empty suit who led us to a Promised Land of Fox News, Tax Cuts for Multi-Billionaires and the deliberate dismantling of what had been the world's smartest, most prosperous society in the History of the World.

It doesn't take long to figure out that Ronald Reagan and his famously fake "sunny disposition" could be turned on like a faucet for any purpose. Freedom, some kind of hand soap, whatever!

Doubt us? Here's Reagan making a powerful argument (complete with folksy bullshit story) about how corporate profits are soaring and oil companies are price gouging and poor old working people are getting screwed. (He made this recording in 1948.)

And here is the White House astrologer who decided when Reagan could have a press conference, or when he might have a summit with the Russians or whatever. Family Values/Jesus!

Ronald Reagan: Beneath that smiling old fool facade was a vicious, sneering vulgarian.

And here's the bumbling war criminal's testimony in federal court during the trial of John Poindexter, Reagan's own National Security Advisor, who was convicted of five felonies for his Iran-Contra crimes and would have vanished into shameful obscurity had George W. Bush not brought him out of "retirement" to spy on Americans during the post-9/11 insanity.

Watch this smarmy, half-senile liar "address the nation" after the entire White House was caught red-handed arming terrorists and funding death squads. These people dripped evil. Never forget.


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