One Man's Genocide Is Another Man's Re-Election Bid

* Iran's state TV woos viewers with a feel-good story about the Holocaust. [NYT]

* House Democrats have demonstrated courage and conviction in the battle to condemn genocide. [NYT]

* Big-time Republican donors aren't buying a new president yet, probably because there isn't one who's dumb enough. [WP]

* Under numbnuts, the Justice Dept. has gone from prosecuting criminals to doing, you know, whatever it is it does now. [WP]

* The main question Democrats are going to ask Bush's AG pick is why the fuck he wants to work for Bush. And then, as punishment, they're going to let him do it. [Politico]

* Iowa picks Jan. 3 for their caucuses, which means the other 49 states and DC and will all be on Jan 2. [The Hill]

* Hey, money's money, right? [LAT]


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