One Of Jim Inhofe's Malevolent Snowmen Wishes Global Warming Were Not A Scam But It Just Is


Here's is a letter that was stuck to the side of the mailbag yesterday and has remained tragically unread, until now. It is signed "A Concerned Citizen" and its seriousnessliterally cannot be overstated.

from: [redacted]


date: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 at 6:08 PM

subject: Re: Gore's Igloo...

"You guys must not have read any news last November and December.  Here's a tip:  Manmade Global Warming is a scam.  Emails were hacked in England proving that the science was faked.  Gore is a con man.  Copenhagen was a FAIL.  I know it's galling that Inhofe and Palin are actually right about something.  I hate it.  You hate it.  But there it is.  Deal with it and stop with the dumb-Okie-Inhofe-global-warming jokes already.  You're just embarrassing yourself...

A Concerned Citizen"

But how does he type so well with twigs for fingers?!


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