One Thing All Liars Have In Common (Be Prepared)! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 20, 2020

One Thing All Liars Have In Common (Be Prepared)! Tabs, Thurs., Aug. 20, 2020

Whoops, missed this over the weekend! The Senate Intelligence Committee referred Bannon, Prince, Junior and Kushner to prosecutors, for all their lying. Gosh, weird we never saw them all frogmarched straight to tennis prison! (Washington Post)


Not jealous: California short on firefighters because all the prisoners are too sick with coronavirus to volunteer for the life-threatening duty. — SacBee

JP Morgan Chase reportedly in talks with USPS to provide postal banking. *BANGS HEAD ON CONCRETE.* Before you sweetlings tell me this is actually a very good idea because we need postal banking for the unbanked just like Europe has and we had till the '60s, selling post office lobby real estate to JP Morgan does nothing for the plight of the unbanked, the problem is not location, it's for-profit banks, which JP Morgan still is one. (Capitol Forum)

Post office employees are no longer allowed to witness your absentee ballot signing ... you know, the government employees at the place where you register to vote and mail your ballot. — Alaska Daily News

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy lied about stopping all his post office fuckery. Reporters are witnessing sorting machines newly thrown out and destroyed, like, today. (New Civil Rights)

Louis DeJoy was accused of racism, sexism, and wage theft? Come on, Vice, tell us some news.

By popular demand (by me), it's the Democrats' Tuesday night roll call! You all loved this shit! Because apparently you LOVE CRYING.

WATCH: Full Democratic roll call from Delegates across America | 2020 DNC Night 2

Oh has it been 42 minutes already? Well hello again!

Doug heart emoji Kamala. (Washington Post)

Oh no, Q and militia friends! Big Facebook is watching you and banning you a lot and won't even let you discuss violence! (Expect Facebook's algorithms to be just PERFECT at it, of course, like when I got banned for telling a guy to fuck off after he came on my page, called me a cunt, and told me to kill myself.) Anyway! — NBC News


(Acting) Homeland Security general counsel about what you'd expect. (DHS)

Were Jill and Joe Biden doing the bone while she was still married to her ex? Her ex says so, sounds legit, and if you can make your sidesenator last 43 years, probably nobody cares. (New York Post)

A Harvard study shows Michelle Obama's school lunch tyranny cut obesity in kids, how very dare she. Anyway, of course Trump's trying to roll back the nutritional guidelines because of course he is. — Civil Eats

How to argue with a narcissist. Now that is news we can use. — Vice

Margarita lime jello shot wedges look fun and stupid. (

Shy please grill me these beets and citruses ok thank you bye. — Food

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