One Tree Hill

usxmastree.jpgLast month, federal officials killed a 90-year-old Engelman spruce and uprooted it from a New Mexico forest; today, it gets its moment to shine. We're not sure what the protocol is as far publishing photos of War on Christmas casualties, but the Senate's got a treecam, so we're guessing it's okay. In mere hours, Denny Hastert will be flipping a switch that illuminates the tree's 10,000 lights -- kind of makes the President's menorah look a little skimpy in comparison, doesn't it? Along with all that candlepower, the tree's got its original name back. "Holiday Tree" was annoyingly PC, "People's Tree" was downright communistic -- it's a Christmas tree, for Christ's sake, why can't we just call it what it is? So spoke Denny Hastert, and so it shall be. The tree comes from the Santa Fe National Forest. Despite Hastert's best efforts (we're guessing), federal officials have yet to rename it the Santa Claus National Forest. Maybe next year.

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