Only a Couple Hundred More to Go, Boys

mcgovernarrest.jpgJim McGovern (D-MA) becomes the first congressman arrested this year for reasons other than corruption. (AP)

Tom Lantos, James McGovern, John Olver, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Jim Moran were all arrested for disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly at the Sudanese Embassy a little while ago. Which, you know, good for them, we're totally against genocide, but it's not really news if you sent out press releases beforehand saying you'd get arrested. But still: totally against genocide, good for these guys.

Also, we are a big fan of this paragraph:

The protesters cheered as the Congress members and others were cuffed, hands behind their backs, with plastic ties and quietly led to a white police van by U.S. Secret Service uniformed officers.

And we pray that graf will get a lot more use over the next couple months. Who doesn't like to see members of Congress get shoved into paddywagons?

Congressmen Olver, McGovern Arrested at Darfur Protest [AP via Boston Globe]

They Came, They Got Arrested [FreeRide]


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