Only A Mexican Jackie Robinson Could Free Baseball From Arizona's Hate


  • Sarah Palin has inspired a generation of stay-at-home-mommies to strip their "mama bear" suits (their "fursonas," if you will) and run for political office. [Matt Yglesias]

  • Ayn Rand is so popular now, someone even made a straight-to-YouTube movie about her and who knows what's next, maybe a Hulu minseries? [Hit & Run]

  • Dear Young Person: Oh hey, you don't have a summer job either? Heck, Nobody does, and that is why we are all selling our Ritalin perscriptions or goose-stepping around DC with red badges stapled to our foreheads! [Daily Intel]

  • Many communists are still peeved by Arizona's You Look Like A Mexican Law, and that is why they are boycotting Arizona's #1 major league baseball team, the... Tucson... Dodgers. [Think Progress]

  • Ezra Klein spent his Memorial Day shopping for "cultural revolution" condos in suburban China, i.e. hating The Troops as hard as he possibly could. [Ezra Klein]


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