Only Lizards Could Devise Things So Evil As Reconciliation And 'Pass And Deem'



(And look, we wrote "Pass And Deem" in the headline, so now's a good time to Address this, instead of in a long angry post that no one will read: if the idea is to simplify the process and ensure cooperation between the feuding House and Senate, then that's good, but if House members think this will give them some sort of excuse to deny voting for the bill, THAT WILL NOT FLY PROBABLY. Defend what you vote for! And vote for it, because it's really quite defensible! And goddamnit could the people who run the Democratic party please come up with a media strategy to stop Republicans from turning every single arcane-yet-common procedural move into THE COMMIE APOCALYPSE?)

Teabaggers are weird!

Photo via meeshypants on Flickr. Thank you meeshypants!


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