Onward Christian Pirates of the Caribbean

Lots of us will be going to the movies this weekend, but sometimes it's hard to pick the one that won't turn little Billy into a hairdresser, or one which won't fill little Sally's head with radical thought of satanism, Islam and belly shirts. Could one use, you wonder, the new Pirates of the Caribbean sequel to learn imortant lessons about Jesus and God's love? Heck, is the Pope a Nazi? Of course you can!

Thank goodness for Movie Ministry, because they've taken this peculiar idea and made it all the easier by offering a downloadable guide to doing just that, thrillingly titled Who Owns Yer Soul, Matey?, and that sounds like authentic Pirate-speak to me, so these people must really know what they're talking about. And it's yours for the rock-bottom price of $6.95, an absolute bargain when you consider the benefits of your children learning that, indeed, Johnny Depp died for their sins.

Downloadable Bible Study #16200 [Movie Ministry]


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