Ooh, Let Nate Silver Be Part of the Controversy! Let Nate Silver Be Part of the Controversy!


Tucker Carlson continued tospew out allegations against the sinister libruls on the late JournoList today, and so this dumb "controversy" and media navel-gazing rage on. But why hasn't anybody reported on the fact that the Internet's boyfriend NATE SILVER was ALSO ON THIS JOURNOLIST?!?!?!?! HMM? HMM? This story is being buried! Nate Silver is just as important as the other liberal media people! So after waiting FOREVER, Nate Silver decided he has to insert himself in this circle-jerk HIMSELF, as nobody else will criticize him and his little personal e-mails.

I can’t say that I hold the Daily Caller in much esteem for making a business model out of publishing the contents of supposedly private e-mails from the list-serve Journalist. I have about 10,000 Journolist e-mails in my possession from the roughly 20 months that I was a member of the group. It goes without saying that an organization in possession of these e-mails, as Daily Caller is, would have nearly unlimited degrees of freedom to cut-and-paste evidence together with the aim of either perpetuating a certain narrative or trying to undermine the integrity of a particular journalist. The fact that their revelations seem to be getting more and more trivial perhaps tells you something.

I haven't been a target of any of their criticism. I'd like to think this is because everyone thinks I'm super awesome and fair-minded, but it's probably just because they have bigger fish to fry.

Yeah, you can't say you hold the Daily Caller in much esteem, Nate Silver, yet you are doing the very same thing. OOH! I'VE WRITTEN SOME POTENTIALLY DAMAGING PRIVATE E-MAILS TOO! PICK ME, TUCKER, PICK ME! I AM IMPORTANT! SEND MY BLOG THOSE HOTT JOURNOLIST PAGE VIEWZ!

We get it, Nate Silver! You were invited to join the Baby-Sitters Club! You are so cool! Why don't they ever talk about you in the novels? Huh? Why don't eight-year-old girls look up to you?

Silver's post is incredibly long, as he wants you to know every boring little detail of his little Internet life. He does his best to find something damning that he wrote, though like everything that has "come out" about JournoList, it is incredibly dull and not really controversial.

It turns out most people outside D.C. do not think of reporters or political bloggers as celebrities! Many people do not even notice bylines! It is incredible! And somehow they DON'T care about these people's mundane little messages to one another.

But Nate Silver PROMISES to be better from now on, you guys! He won't let you down by having private thoughts to which somebody somewhere could theoretically object!

p.s. This is pretty much my final "say" on this topic, so please don't anticipate any follow-up, or any response to media requests, etc.

THANK GOD, as everyone was obviously asking you for your "say" on your dumb e-mail account, Nate Silver. How did you get any work done? You are obviously busy trying to get yourself into supermarket tabloids with tearful stories about how your copy of Microsoft Word used to fondle you when you were a kid. [538]


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